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Mason Neck Citizens Association

Our Purpose:
To promote the preservation of the historic, archaeological, and environmental resources of Mason Neck and to educate the community, and the public in general, about the unique resources of Mason Neck.


2017/2018 Elections May 16th

The Mason Neck Citizens Association Nominating Committee presents the following slate of candidates for our Board of Directors:

President - Hillary Clawson, Gunston Manor;
Vice President - Sergio Diaz-Briquets, Hallowing Point;
Secretary - Dick Kennedy, Hallowing Point;
Treasurer - Bruce Scott, The Reserve;
Immediate Past President - Rick Hutson, Hallowing Point;
Director - Mark Thompson, Hallowing Point;
Director - Rob Kolb, Harley Road;
Director -  Marvin Miller, Harley Road;
Director - Ann Elise Sauer, Hallowing Point;
Director - Scott Stroh, Gunston Road;
Director - Peter Weyland, Gunston Manor;
Director - Reinhardt Grey, Harley Road;

Elections of our 2017/2018 Board of Directors will be at our next General Membership Meeting (May 16th).